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Soft Tissue Orthodontics

Diagnosis and Treatment for Exceptional Finishing

Soft Tissue

Diagnosis and Treatment for
Exceptional Finishing

Take command of soft tissues and deliver exceptional treatment results

Join us for the one-of-a-kind Soft Tissue Orthodontics course! Designed specifically for orthodontists, this course will revolutionize how you view soft tissue based diagnosis and treatment planning. You will learn to select appliances that target ideal soft tissue contours, and will be equipped with the latest Soft Tissue Finishing™ techniques using injectables, allowing you to take command of the soft tissues and deliver exceptional treatment outcomes.

Expand the scope of your practice through the most comprehensive training on soft tissue directed treatment in orthodontics!

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Did You Know?

Adult patients

Adult patients are...

Adult patients are the most rapidly growing segment in orthodontics 5,6

Cosmetic procedures

The amount of...

The amount of cosmetic procedures for women has grown by 471% since 1997 1


Injectables represent the...

Injectables represent the most frequently performed, non-invasive procedures 1

“I enjoyed the confidence that Dr. Frey was able to instill in the audience. I can go back into my practice and do this in the next week!”

Dr. B. Schreiner, Chesterfield, MO

“I liked the anatomical review, dosing schedule, and how to incorporate it into the practice.”

Dr. J. Ulmer, New Orleans, LA

“Dr. Frey did a great job! I like the way your company is going… keeping ahead of the curve.”

Dr. D. Carter, Augusta, GA

“I will immediately implement this into my practice.”

Dr. K. Kupiec, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“One of the best courses I have taken.  Love the “hands-on” demonstrations.  Dr. Frey is very knowledgeable and passionate.”

Dr. Mark Garlington

“So informative! Dr. Frey is so engaging that I couldn’t stop listening…I was glued to my seat!”

Dr. Lisa Sturn

“Dr. Frey did an amazing job presenting neuromodulators and fillers.  I feel comfortable going back and using this in my office ”

Dr. Jeff Holowicki

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